Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Biwi Ki Chudai

Hi guys, This is real practical experience between husband and wife why I am sharing because I enjoyed too much with my wife and she is also enjoying. After 7 years of marriage still we are enjoying my wife and minimally two times in a night time only and day if happens is always extra. I am from Gujarat ( 29 years old). Last year we Move down USA Texas. And I read approximately most of the stories displayed on everywhere I have seen that females were happy after found cock more then 6-7 inch, I do not know why because if female wants full satisfaction there is not too much role of length of cock. Why I telling because In past I satisfied my wife with my single finger as well as tongue. You know I fuck my wife from every where I put my small cock in mouth and work slowly and slowly and she also likes it very much and during I always play with my finger on his cunt / pussy and slowly and slowly shifting my finger like hand on book and she very much enjoy, after that when I put my tongue on his pussy and start kissing on his pussy within 18 to 20 minutes she starts crying with enjoyment and without putting my dick in his pussy she produce her liquid.
You know I never use condom because this makes us less enjoyable when ever I put my cock in his pussy without this she enjoy too much because parley I am playing with hid heavy boobs (size is 38+) on nipple she also enjoy it. For me only require 10 minutes to release my cum after loose my cum in his pussy then after that I still continue for more than 15 minutes this makes us more enjoy full because after this sound coming gach gach gach and we both like it very much this sound makes us more naughty. During our starting day whenever she ready after wearing her saree I pick her in my hand and remove her panty and in standing position no of times I inserted my cock she likes this very much after that my cum fully on his legs and smell of this his friends also enjoy always tell her to we like your husbands action, either it is home or my in-law home kitchen or bathroom I found her alone I try to fuck her , Kutti banna ka to jo mera cock ha pura uski pussy main chal jata hain she feels pain but I enjoy because I enjoy she has to enjoy.
Kabhi kabhi subha jaldi jagh khul jatti ha too agar to who bina cloths ka hain to picha sa yan phir usko bed pur ulta litya ka dall data hun ( because most of the time we both sleep without any cloth on our body) , if any occasion she wears his traditional dress salwar kameez then I just simply loose his salary and enter my cock from his back side and loose my cumm to his pussy and after that try to play with my fingers on his pussy and with five mintues I satisfied.This is real practically story of husband and wife. If any wife / girl what so ever may be the reason want to share some details or want to know more how to make husband more sexy may send me email on with his complete body figures only genuine no prosecutor ladies (those who charged for sex) , My service is totally free and totally confidential this is call as social service. More in Next (Real practical experience between me and my wife). If Any girls wife or aunty or mother want to enjoy watching sex. Come and join with us Mail me.

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